Yes, it’s that time of year again and we are all on the hunt for the perfect Christmas gifts.

But what to buy…confused, frustrated, getting worried you are running out of time?

I hear you and this is why this year we here at One Stop Motorshop have decided to put you first this Christmas and make the process of shopping for gifts super easy and fun.

But how i hear you say…

Well it’s simple, have you someone that has a car, van, jeep get the idea, if yes then perfect, we can get them sorted for you.

We have put together Car Care Packs that are all different but all have useful items in them that no matter if your a petrol head or just drive a car work the purpose of getting somewhere these packs are so helpful. Things like De-Icer we take for granted until we need it when running late to work! Or glass wipes when our screens are so dirty your cleaning it with the sleeve of your jumper, don’t do that lol! Other packs include items from our Autoglym range, so if you have someone that loves their car and I mean loves it then a pack including any of the Autoglym range will be perfect. Then you have some packs full of the Simoniz range, again another popular brand you can’t go wrong with and who doesn’t want to have their car looking good.

The packs cover a range of budgets so there is budget end packs starting at €15.99 right up to the higher end at €51.99. The packs are bargains and worth a lot more than the pack price if bought separately so you really are getting a great deal from us.

These are online only for now but you can get them delivered straight to your door or click and collect in our Letterkenny store.

We hope you love this idea from us and hope to bring you many more soon.

Team 1Stop